Coriolis microbial air sampler validated according to ISO 14698

Health Protection Agency

Coriolis® Technology validation has been performed by an independent agency : the HPA, Health Protection Agency, in Porton Down (UK).

Physical and biological efficiency have been determined, in accordance with ISO14698-1 norm , by comparison with reference methods of impaction on agar dishes or filters.
Coriolis® equipment also conforms to CE/UL/CEM norms and requirements.

The annex B of the ISO 14698-1 gives a "guidance in validating air samplers".

This annex is normally written for traditional air samplers (based on culture results). Nevertheless Bertin technologies has implemented protocols and tests with HPA to compare the Coriolis® technology to traditional air samplers on agar dishes or filters.
2 aspects are essential in the qualification step of an air sampler : the physical and the biological efficiency:

  • Physical efficiency is the ability of the sample to collect various sizes of particles [...] is the same whether the particle is a microorganism, carries a microorganism or is an inanimate particle.
  • Biological efficiency is the efficiency of the sample in collecting microbe-carrying particles [...] and will be lower than physical efficiency for a number of reasons (stress of the microorganism when impacted, quality of the culture media...)

Physical efficiency of Coriolis® technology evaluated at the HPA

Physical Efficiency

The d50 has been evaluated and is lower than 0.5µm what represents a very good efficiency for a microbial air sampler!

Biological efficiency of Coriolis® technology evaluated at the HPA

According to ISO 14698-1 annex 1, biological efficiency has been evaluated in HPA chamber with a suspension of washed Bacillus atrophaeus spores : the result is 78% for Staphylococcus epidermidis ATCC14990.

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